Ayaka, Shenhe, Kazuha, Kokomi – sDPS

Link – My friend provided me this video.


sDPS – Single-Target DPS
The metric measures single-target DPS in a free environment.

Details check Abyss Team Evaluation.


active shenhe;
shenhe skill, burst;
kazuha burst;
kokomi skill;
ayaka dash, attack, skill, burst, charge;
shenhe skill, attack:3;
kazuha skill[hold=1], high_plunge;
shenhe skill[hold=1];
ayaka dash, attack, skill, charge;


Ayaka 6+1, Shenhe 3+0, Kazuha 0+1, Kokomi 0+0 (15 Costs)
The rule of Artifact stats distribution check this article. Specifics are at the end of the video.
Caused a total of 2.65 million damage in 20 seconds.


  1. One target with 3.5m HP and 10% all RES. The duration of rotation should be within 35 seconds and the total damage caused should surpass 1.8m.
  2. All teams tested are 15 Costs. See the details in the video end.
  3. The design of the rotation first considers total damage, and then whether it can loop. Therefore, most of the rotations for DPS tests need to be appropriately extended to loop. If you are more interested in tests with a large proportion of energy recharge, please move to metric Rotation Flexibility and Damage Efficiency.
  4. In this 20s rotation, Ayaka is unable to trigger the second C6 Charge, so any one charge in this rotation can be cancelled.
  5. Ayaka’s first action can be changed to “dash, attack, skill, charge, burst” for higher DPS and front-loaded damage due to Quill consumed ahead of time. The downside is that when Ayaka receives skill’s particles, her energy is full. It is a waste because the energy gap in this rotation is already at Ayaka, so I did not choose this action.
  6. The score may change in future.


Based on the test, under 15 Costs, the team’s sDPS score is: 5

Team Summary

Abyss Team Evaluation Summary


  1. 目标350w血,10%全抗。输出轴的伤害必须在180w以上,时间35s内。
  2. 当前所有测试的队伍都是15Costs。具体面板见视频。
  3. 轴的设计首先考虑总伤,其次考虑能否循环。因此DPS测试的轴大多需要适当延长才可循环。如果对可循环因素占比大的测试更感兴趣,请转移到轴灵活性和伤害有效率这两个指标。
  4. 在20秒轴中,神里必定吃不到第二个6命重击,因此也可以将该轴的任意一个重击取消。
  5. 神里第一次的操作可改为daecq。优点是DPS更高,并且由于重击提前消耗冰翎,出伤更为前置。缺点在于,神里吃e球时还是满能量,本身这个轴能量缺口就在神里,这个e还浪费了,所以最终我没有选择这样操作。
  6. 未来分数可能会改。





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