Statistics for the DPS Leaderboard of Teyvat Helper

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DPS Data: 提瓦特小助手
Featured Image: X@chunchungi [follow him/her on X]
*This artwork is either permitted or have obtained permission from the artist at the time of article publication. If future intentions change, please contact me and I will remove the image.


  1. The unit of the numbers is 10k/s.
  2. I collects the maximum Team DPS samples of different teams from “提瓦特小助手” team DPS leaderboard.
  3. “提瓦特小助手” is an unofficial tool for CN Server. It collects Abyss data uploaded by players. The latest 4.0 Abyss has about 30,000 independent samples.
  4. The Tool has a team DPS calculator. Players can upload their teams, customize their rotation, and it will output a DPS. It has a leaderboard that summarizes all player’s team DPS and the data volume is quite considerable.
  5. It should be noted that the tool only calculates the DPS of a single rotation against a single target and does not consider whether the rotation can be looped. In addition, the final displayed DPS is the calculated result * 1.25. According to the developer, this is to balance the situation of multi-target in actual combat. Finally, the feedback from the Community shows there are still many problems with the calculator. Based on these, I think the reference value of this tool has been greatly discounted.
  6. I collected each team mentioned in Common Abyss Teams and Advantage Ranges. Firstly I filtered the total leaderboard into a specific character, then found the player data of a specific team with the highest DPS. There are a lot of garbage data carrying Ayaka or other ways to spam DPS which made my entire work laborious. o(-︿-o#)


  1. 数据的单位为w/s
  2. 本文章收集了不同队伍在提瓦特小助手的队伍DPS排行榜中的最大DPS样本。
  3. 提瓦特小助手是一个实用工具。统计了各期玩家自主上传的深渊数据。最近的一期4.0深渊有来自CN服务器的约3万份独立样本。
  4. 提瓦特小助手中有一个队伍DPS计算工具。玩家可以上传自己的队伍,并自定义输出轴,工具会给出一个DPS。工具还内置了一个汇总了所有玩家队伍dps的榜单。数据量还挺可观的。
  5. 需要注意的是,该工具只会计算一轮输出轴对单的DPS,未考虑是否能够循环。另外,最终显示的DPS为计算结果*1.25,根据开发者的说法,这是为了平衡实战中出现的对群的情况。最后,社区的普遍反馈是该dps计算工具仍存在很多问题。总之该工具参考价值有限。
  6. 我逐个采集了上篇文章中提到的队伍。首先将总榜单筛选为特定角色的榜单,再去找到某支特定队伍DPS最高的的玩家数据。已经排除了大量刷DPS的队伍。





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