Nilou, Yelan, Nahida, Baizhu – DSC – GCSIM


DSC – DMG Startup and Culling
The metric includes the ability to front-load damage and the Culling Line. The former measures how flexible a team can move damage distribution towards the front of the rotation, emphasizes the proportion of damage at the frontend. The latter measures the maximum damage a team can cause at different time points, emphasizes the value of damage at the frontend. This metric becomes more important when the team’s Cost is high.

Details check Abyss Team Evaluation.


active nahida;
nahida skill, burst;
nilou skill, attack:2, skill;
baizhu skill, burst, skill;
yelan burst, skill, skill, attack:4;
nahida skill, attack:3;
yelan attack:6;
nahida attack:3;
yelan attack:6;
nahida skill, attack:2;
yelan attack:3;


DPS for One to three targets. The shown DOT is for one target.

Culling Line

The following is the single-target data.
6(±1)s Culling Line: 6s – 0.15m
9(±1)s Culling Line: 10s – 0.52m
12(±1)s Culling Line: 12s – 0.88m
15(±1)s Culling Line: 15s – 1.35m


  1. Simulated on
  2. This rotation is not specifically designed for a particular Culling Line, so the Culling Line value above may not represent the highest value that the team can achieve at that time point.
  3. As the number of enemies increases, the team’s DPS will significantly rise. Just two enemies can make the culling line reach the top level. However, attributes related to the team itself, such as DPS curve and damage front-loading ability, will not change. The DSC score will also consider this aspect.
  4. Just in terms of single-target, the team’s number of damage methods is ordinary, damage front-loading ability is ordinary, DPS curve is great. In this rotation, 6-12s Culling Line is bad, 15s Culling Line is ordinary. If the environment requires, this team has the ability to further front-load the first peak to before the 6th second by using Yelan skill in advance, but the Culling Line is still ordinary.
  5. The score may change in future.


Based on this, under 15 Costs, the team’s DSC score is: 2.5

Team Summary

Abyss Team Evaluation Summary



6(±1)s 斩杀线:6s – 15w
9(±1)s 斩杀线:10s – 52w
12(±1)s 斩杀线:12s – 88w
15(±1)s 斩杀线:15s – 135w

  1. 通过GCSIM模拟。
  2. 这个轴不是为了某个特定时刻的斩杀线而设计的,因此上面的斩杀线数值不能代表队伍在该时刻所能达到的最大数值。
  3. 随着敌人数量的增加,该队伍的DPS会大幅上升,仅仅两个敌人就可以使得斩杀线数据达到顶级的水平,但和队伍本身相关的属性如出伤形态,伤害前置能力等不会发生变化。DSC分数同样会考虑这一方面。
  4. 仅就对单而言,这个队伍出伤方式数量普通,伤害前置能力普通,出伤形态优秀。在这个轴中,6-12s斩杀线差,15s斩杀线普通。如果环境需要,该队伍有能力将首次爆发通过提前使用夜兰e前置到第6秒之前,但斩杀线仍然普通。
  5. 未来分数可能会改。


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