Ayaka, Shenhe, Kazuha, Kokomi – RF & DE

Link – My friend provided me this video.


RF – Rotation Flexibility
The metric measures a team’s ability to maintain expected DPS when the preset rotation is disrupted. The more flexible the rotation, the less impact the rotation rearrange has on the team’s DPS, meaning it’s less likely to lose damage due to factors such as refreshing waves and operation errors. It is related to aura condition, buff dependency, buff cover, energy demand, damage precondition, etc. For example, in Cyno Aggravate Team, due to the mismatch between Cyno’s long rotation and Nahida’s, it is easy to lose DPS when refreshing a wave.

DE – Damage Efficiency
The metric measures a team’s ability to maintain expected DPS across various environments. It is related to factors that may cause missed or incomplete damage, such as the range and distance of the damage method, unit targeting performance, etc. For example, Wanderer’s attack and Yae’s skill are damage methods that are hardly miss. DPS smoothness is also taken into account. The more concentrated the damage is in terms of frequency and time distribution, the higher the cost of missing, which will also lower the metric. This metric combined with Rotation Flexibility, determines the team’s ability to switch fire.

Details check Abyss Team Evaluation.


WAVE 1Mirror Maidenx1lv98hp400000
Rockfond Rifthoundx1lv98hp600000
Pyro Whopperflowerx1lv98hp380000
WAVE 2Pyro Agentx1lv98hp370000
Pyroslinger Bracerx1lv98hp230000
Geovishap Hatchlingx1lv98hp350000
WAVE 3Electro Cicinx1lv98hp250000
Wind Gledex1lv98hp550000
Eremite Longbowx1lv98hp400000


Ayaka 6+1, Shenhe 3+0, Kazuha 0+1, Kokomi 0+0 (15 Costs)
The rule of Artifact stats distribution check this article. Specifics are at the end of the video.
Cleaning 3 waves took 85 seconds.
Number of Restarts: 10-20
DPS Smoothness -GCSIM:


  1. Rotation Flexibility and Damage Efficiency are difficult to quantify. My method is to simulate an extreme environment where monsters refresh in three waves, with scattered refresh locations, and each wave has one ranged unit. All units have strong mobility, especially Geovishap Hatchling and Wind Glede.
  2. I try to make the range and distance of the damage method, unit targeting performance, buff dependency, DPS smoothness and ability to switch fire and other related factors play a role in this environment as much as possible. To mitigate the impact of DPS, the HP is set low.
  3. I will restart when I play a bad run. The number of restarts used to produce this video is also an important reference for me. I know it sounds absurd, but during the process, I can clearly feel the operational difficulty of the team through constant restarts. I think a high number of restarts can reflect a bad of Rotation Flexibility and Damage Efficiency to a certain extent. Of course, this still sounds absurd. It’s just because there really isn’t a good way to test!
  4. The above all, based on my noob skill. If I were skilled, even the most difficult teams could achieve good results in one go, then I could test nothing!
  5. All teams tested are 15 Costs. See the details in the video end.
  6. The score may change in future.


Based on the test, under 15 Costs, the team’s RF score is: 3.5
Based on the test, under 15 Costs, the team’s DE score is: 1.5

Team Summary

Abyss Team Evaluation Summary


  1. 轴灵活性和伤害有效率很难量化。我的方法是模拟一个极端的环境,怪物分三波次刷新,刷新位置分散,每波有一个远程单位。所有单位都具有很强的机动性,尤其是幼岩龙蜥和秃鹫。
  2. 我尽可能让队伍的输出方式的范围,距离,索敌性能,buff依赖度,以及伤害平滑程度,转火能力等一系列相关因素都能在该环境中发挥作用。为了降低DPS的影响,血量设置得不高。
  3. 打的不够好的情况下我都会选择重开。打出这个视频所使用的重开次数,对我而言也是一个重要的参考指标。我知道这很扯,但是在尝试的过程中我能通过不停的重开明显感受到队伍的操作难度。我认为重开的多,能一定程度上体现轴灵活性和伤害有效率差。当然,这仍然很扯。还是因为实在没有好办法来测试!
  4. 以上,基于我的操作比较菜。如果我不菜,再难的队也一次打出好成绩,那不就啥都测不出来了嘛。
  5. 当前所有测试的队伍都是15金。具体面板见视频。
  6. 未来分数可能会改。





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