Genshin Impact Timeline

1. The Old World

1.1 The Era of the Seven Dragon Sovereigns

The seven dragon sovereigns held the most primordial elemental power. They ruled over seven kingdoms.

1.2 The Year of the Doves Held Branches

The First Throne, Phanes (Primordial One), it had wings and a crown, and was birthed from an egg, androgynous in nature. Phanes created four glowing “shadows”, each with their own authority, namely: Life, Death, Eon, Eonothem, and they fought with the seven dragon sovereigns.

About 40 years later, Phanes won, the seven kingdoms bowed. Some of the indigenous vishap, fled to the sea. Soon after, Phanes and one of its shadows, “Ruler of Life”, began to create the world and life. It should break the eggshell, but instead, Phanes used the eggshell to separate the “universe” from the “microcosm” to isolate the dangers outside the world, prevent outer knowledge from infiltrating. At the same time, it introduced the ‘Human Realm’, breaking the balance of ‘Light Realm’ and ‘Void Realm’.

Phanes transformed Teyvat. Ley Lines will carry and transport memories and elements, store in Irminsul. Human knowledge, memories, and emotions will be transformed into elemental energy. Without external interference, Phanes can continuously transform ‘Human Realm’ produced by humans into orderly elemental energy to resist the power of the abyss, resist the originally irresistible increase of entropy, and achieve ‘Eternity’.
Raiden: Only through Eternity are you closest to the Heavenly Principles.x


“Ruler of Life” used elemental energy in the Primordial Sea to create a new “heart” – Egeria, to replace hydro dragon sovereign. She has a human form, but unlike humans, her composition does not contain any outer impurities.

2. The New World

2.1 The Year of the Ark’s Opening

400 years later, the created humans made a covenant with Heavens. Phanes made a sacred plan for humans, as long as people are happy, it will rejoice.

Aria, Sonnet, and Canon, the three sisters, each representing a lunar phase, drove their silver carriage in a parade. Every ten days, one sister would replace another, in a cycle, until the day of the great disaster. They had a common lover, the “Morning Star”, representing Venus (“Ruler of Time” Istaroth).

2.2 The Year of Jubilee

Heavens will respond to all kinds of human needs, the only prohibition is not to explore forbidden knowledge.

If there was hunger, the heavens would bring down food and rain. If there was poverty, the earth would bring forth its riches. If melancholy were to spread, the heavens would reply with their voices. The one taboo was to succumb to temptation. But the path to temptation had already been sealed.

People on earth can directly hear the revelation from Heavens, and the messengers of God walk among the ignorant people. The seelie are messengers of God, they have wings, beautiful forms, and great wisdom. They live all over the world, with the task of guiding humans.

2.3 Tiara Era

A human civilization, inspired by Heavens, prospered. Humans began to pursue the truth of the world, even fantasizing about ascending to the garden of the gods, proving that the authority of the gods can be reached. Humans appointed a priest to go deep into the world to find answers. These actions of humans were seen as presumptuous by Heavens, and the civilization was eventually destroyed. Then a new human civilization was born, but every civilization was ended in such a cycle. Civilizations cycle in the order of Cryo-Pyro-Hydro-Electro, this is the ‘cyclical eternity’ set by Heavens, to imprison humans. But on earth, there are humans who question whether such a cycle can last forever.

Frost – “Heavens” turned into “Celestia”.
From relic Tiara of Frost. Maybe a text mistake.x


2.3.1 End of Tiara Era

Frost – The first cycle defined by Narzissenkreuz Institute – Hyperborean civilization emerged in Snezhnaya and then destroyed.
Pyro – The second cycle defined by Narzissenkreuz Institute – Natlantean civilization emerged in Natlan and then destroyed.
Hydro – The third cycle defined by Narzissenkreuz Institute – Remuria

Egeria felt pity for the fate of humans and vishaps, her tears fell into the Primordial Sea, ancestral oceanid created. When oceanid accumulated enough emotions, it requested to receive a drop of ‘Helixsplit’ from human, then more oceanids are created. Oceanid longed to live on the land, Egeria used their blood vessels to wrap Primordial Seawater into their bodies, creating a mimic of humans.

They came to Meropis, established a civilization in Fontaine, which is the predecessor of the Remuria. Meropes have Light Realm power in their bodies and can be dissolved by the Primordial Seawater. This way of nurturing life stirred the designed cycle of elemental energy. Phanes descended the ancestral curse, all Fontaine people are born with original sin. And Egeria was imprisoned.

King Remus came to Meropis, Remuria civilization was established in Fontaine. After King Remus learned of the prophecy that Fontaine would be flooded by the Primordial Sea, he went to meet Egeria, and Egeria lent King Remus “Ichor”. King Remus used “Ichor” to try to extract the human soul and put it into a magical golem that would not be dissolved by the Primordial Seawater. Later, due to tyranny, he was resisted by the people, and Remuria was destroyed.

Electro – The fourth cycle defined by the Narzissenkreuz Institute – Khraun-Arya

  • Sal Vindagnyr civilization emerged in Mondstadt.
  • The ancient Tsurumi Island civilization emerged in Inazuma.
  • “Aphotic Earth” was established, which is later Enkanomiya.
  • The ancient Chasm city was established in Liyue.
  • Morax was born.

2.4 The Year of Funerary Fire

The Descenders came, brought humans the delusion of breaking shackles.

The dragon king Nibelungen returned with outland power, together with the Third Descender, engaged in a cataclysmic battle with the first throne Phanes, causing the eggshell to crack, and forbidden knowledge representing the ‘Void Realm’ invaded Teyvat. Some humans realized that the “the sky is false”. This war brought a great disaster to the earth.

  • A seelie met a outland traveler (the Descender), with whom they swore an oath of union witnessed by moon’s three sisters. Thirty days later, disaster struck suddenly, the ruthless punishment made them eternally separated.
  • Disaster struck, the silver carriage of moon’s three sisters was overturned, and the star-studded palace was destroyed. The three sisters also began to kill each other. Two of them disappeared, but only one body was left, becoming the moon of the false sky. Phanes’ three “shadows” (Life, Death, Void) died.
  • The ocean of Inazuma rose. The land was divided into multiple islands.
  • The ancient Chasm city sank into the sea.
  • Enkanomiya sank into the sea.
  • The Sun’s carriage fell from the sky and hit the ancient Chasm city, the city was buried, Teyvat lost the sunlight, the world fell into darkness.

Enkanomiya – The Year of Darkness

In the darkness, the ocean people and the indigenous vishap of Teyvat, confronted each other, and were long in fear of being hunted by vishap. People prayed to Phanes and the four glowing “shadows”, but Phanes and the other three shadows could not hear. Only the “Ruler of Time” Istaroth responded to them.

Enkanomiya – The Year of Blindness

With the help of Istaroth, Aberaku (Abrax) led the people to build the artificial light source Dainichi Mikoshi (Helios).

3. Before Archon War


The War of Funerary Fire ended. Phanes was heavily damaged and no longer has the power to restore the order of the world. The Heavenly Principles and the Second Descender used the “remains” of the Third Descender to create Gnosis. They hope to implement a new Seven Archon system to restore the order of the world. The seven Gnosis represent seven desires, and the gods, as the subordinates of Gnosis, dye human desires into seven kinds of brilliance through Vision. When the brilliance is too dazzling, one will gain Vision and be “watched” by the gods. On the surface, it is a blessing, but in reality, it is a curse. He will be involved into the Heimarmene, his fate will be woven, and his end is already determined.
Neuvillette Profile: Visionx

In the designed ruling system, the distribution of Vision requires the Archon to allocate a small part of its own elemental energy. After the recipient completes their mission, Celestia will transform the “Human Realm” stored in it into the original, orderly elemental energy.
Neuvillette Profile: Vision and item: Princess Mina of the Fallen Nationx

Phanes is dead or asleep, “Heavenly Principles” and its sustainer exists.
Neuvillette Profile - want to know more about Neuvillette-3. Phanes might be dead.x

Celestia expelled the seelie and cast a curse. If they fall in love with humans, they will lose their wisdom and strength, and their bodies will degenerate. Since then, most of them have turned into small floating spirits. The Goddess of Flowers was able to maintain her form, and she began to wander on the earth.

The sun’s carriage was repaired, it returned to the sky.
Time not sure.x

In order to repair the pollution brought to the earth by the War of Funerary Fire, the Heavenly Principles descended the Nail, preventing the flow of the Ley Line to avoid the spread of forbidden knowledge. On the other hand, it also brought disaster to the earth.

Enkanomiya – The Year of Sun and Moon

Dainichi Mikoshi was completed, the ocean people got a stable and powerful light source, and the Dragonheirs, afraid of light, no longer acted recklessly. Since then, the land under the ocean has also been called “Byakuyakoku”. The people of Byakuyakoku tried to find a way back to the surface, but they couldn’t find it. They interpreted this as a prohibition of the Primordial One, inferring that Phanes defeated the Second Throne.

In Byakuyakoku, a group of corrupt nobles promoted the worship of Dainichi Mikoshi, elected a mentally immature child “Son of the Sun” as a puppet, and seized the rule of Byakuyakoku. Aberaku opposed them, but was imprisoned by the Son of the Sun.


Sal Vindagnyr civilization obtained the power of the abyss.
The Nail fell on Mondstadt snow mountain where Sal Vindagnyr civilization was located.


The Nail fell on the ancient city ruins located in Liyue, and later formed The Chasm.


The Thunderbird of Inazuma observed several strange things falling from the sky one after another, one of which fell on Tsurumi Island. After that, the sky returned to clear, and the fog began to appear.


The dark poison once seeped into the land of Sumeru, and the first Nail fell from the sky. The falling long nail ended the erosion, but also caused a large area of ​​forest in Sumeru to be swallowed by yellow sand.

The Goddess of Flowers arrived at the desolate desert. She wandered for seventy-two days and nights, her heels were worn out by the sand, the wounds flowed out of blood but turned into clear springs, the clear springs branched into streams, the desolate land grew green seedlings, and in the seedlings, night-blue water lilies bloomed. Among these water lilies, the Jinni were born into this world, they used the dreams and memories of the Goddess of Flowers as raw materials. The Jinni asked her to settle. The Goddess of Flowers agreed, where she stopped, Padisarah bloomed.

The debris of the dead moon finally fell to the ground. These dust fell on Sumeru and bloomed moon lotus.


After the destruction of Remuria, the people of Fontaine returned barbaric. They longed for the gods to guide them. Egeria was released and obtained the “fragment” of Phanes, became the Hydro god.

Hydro God Egeria established the Court of Fontaine.


The Scribe of Vindagnyr finally recorded that the new nation without gods is being established.



  1. The timeline is just a start, there’s a huge amount of content to follow. I’ll work on it when I have time. That’s it for now anyway~~
  2. This article was originally written in Chinese and translated into English using GPT, with some minor modifications. Sometimes the Chinese and English texts complement each other, I’ve tried to retain the full meaning.
  3. This timeline contains many errors, and I’ve marked some ambiguous or speculative events. If you have different opinions, just leave a comment. The narrator of Genshin is just like a riddler.



1. 古世界

1.1 七龙王时代


1.2 鸽子衔枝之年

第一王座法涅斯(原初之人)降临。祂身着羽翼,头戴王冠,从蛋中出生,难辨雌雄。法涅斯造出了自己的四个发光的“影子”,拥有各自权柄,分别为:生、死、空、时, 他们与七龙王交战。




2. 新世界

2.1 箱舟开门之年

400 年后,被创造出来的人类与高天缔结了盟约。法涅斯为人类制定了神圣的规划,只要人幸福,它便欢欣。


2.2 狂欢节之年




2.3 礼冠时代



2.3.1 礼冠时代末期






  • 沙尔芬德尼尔文明在蒙德建立。
  • 古鹤观文明在稻妻建立。
  • “海渊之土”建立,也就是后来的渊下宫。
  • 岩层古国在璃月建立。
  • 摩拉克斯诞生。

2.4 葬火之年



  • 仙灵与外来的旅人相识,于月亮三姐妹的见证中立下了结合的誓言。三十日后,灾祸降临,无情的惩罚令他们永恒离散。
  • 灾祸降临,月亮三姐妹的银色高车被掀翻,星罗的宫阙被摧毁。三姐妹最终也开始自相残杀。他们中的两个消失,却只留下一具尸体,变成了虚假之天的圆月。法涅斯的三个“影子”(生、死、空)死去。
  • 稻妻的海洋升起。陆地被分成多个岛屿。
  • 岩层古城沉入海中。
  • 渊下宫沉入海中。
  • 太阳的高车从天上掉下来砸到了岩层古城,古城被埋入土里,提瓦特失去了阳光,世界陷入了黑暗。直到后来高车被修复回到了天上。

渊下宫 — 黑暗之年


渊下宫 — 目盲之年


3. 魔神战争前







渊下宫 — 日月之年











花神流浪到荒芜的沙漠,她流浪了七十二个日夜,脚跟被沙粒磨破,伤口流出的鲜血却化为清泉,清泉分叉为溪流,荒芜的大地长出了绿色的苗圃,而苗圃中又开出和夜一般蓝的睡莲。在这些睡莲中, 镇灵诞生到了这个世界上,他们以花神的梦境和记忆为原料。镇灵请求花神在那片土地上定居。花神答应下来,她驻足的地方,开出了帕蒂沙兰。








  1. 时间轴只是开了个头,后面还有巨量的内容,等我以后有空了慢慢搞吧,先就这样了~
  2. 这篇文章我是用中文写的,英文版是通过gpt直译然后做了一些简单的修改。中英文本在有些地方能够互相补充,我尽量保留了完整的意思。
  3. 这篇梳理还存在很多错误,有一些涉及猜测的事件我已经标出来了,如果你有不同意见请在评论区留言。原神的文案还是太谜语人了。


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*This artwork is either permitted or have obtained permission from the artist at the time of article publication. If future intentions change, please contact me and I will remove the image.






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